A great use of House of Vizion’s new studio is to do high quality modelling portfolio shoots. Lindokuhle modelling portfolio shoot was one of his first ever coordinated shoots and he did a fantastic job to portray his¬†features and his style for his shoot! For Lindokuhle’s modelling profile we used different looks and styles for Lindokukle’s portfolio shoot.

Using a combination of formal, casual and different profile shots we where able to give potential modelling an agency a complete inside look into Lindo’s ability to perform in front of the camera and his humble and trendy personality. Lindo’s different looks looked great in front of a dark and clean white background! His ability for perform and take instructions from skilled photographer where exceptional and we hope ¬†this is only the beginning of a highly successful modelling career.

These photo’s will be used by Lindo for his profile shots that will add value into his entry into MR South Africa! Good luck Lindo!