A great use of House of Vizion’s new studio is doing portfolio shots for entertainers! These images are great for social media, publicity and album covers! Ike Moritz is a well-known entertainer in the South African Community and we loved having him here in our studio to shoot his entertainment portfolio shots!

Using different suites and instruments we where able to portray Ike’s many talents and style’s in different music genres that his clients can expect him to perform with! His clients can assume from these professional photo’s that he is a proffessional in his industry and has a formal and elegant choice of style – perfect for Wedding and Gala performances! Shots like this can also be used on his website and for shows and concerts to use in their flyers to advertise their event and Ike’s role in them.

These portfolio photos for this entertainer will be used in Ike’s contracts and advertisements for his use of his performances that will brand him and his shows brilliantly as a professional musician. We look forward to shooting more people in the entertainment industry to brand their talents forever! This summer, the famous IKE MORIZ SWING BAND was back at Oude Libretas Amphitheatre in Stellenbosch presenting many of Ike’s hit songs as well as swing band classics!